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We’ll take you on exclusive Marmaris Rhodes Day Trips as part of your Marmaris holiday. This is a one-of-a-kind trip where you can visit the Greek island Rhodes from Marmaris on the same day!

If you have a valid Schengen visa, you may travel to Rhodes Island directly from Marmaris. Our fast catamarans with powerful engines will transport you across the sea in record time. In fact, after leaving Marmaris, you could arrive at Rhodes Island in around 45 minutes. We depart from Marmaris for Rhodes at on07:30 am and return by 18:00 pm. You are free to enjoy your evening in Marmaris as desired.

Rhodes is a beautiful island with plenty of tourist attractions and local shops. The St Paul Church, Aphrodite Temple, Museums, Freedom Gate, Grand Master’s Palace, and other historical sites are all on the island. You have six hours to explore the island and purchase souvenirs at any of the local retailers. For lunch, you are free to select your preferred cuisine from any of Rhodes’ numerous eateries. The only thing you have to be cautious enough is to refer to the menu card for the price before ordering the food. Prices in Greece are almost 50% dearer than what you pay in Turkey!


  • Please be advised that the Euro is used in Rhodes. You may change money either before or after your cruise on the ferry to Marmaris. Also, keep in mind that costs are higher than in Turkey. Furthermore, remember to bring your passport with you since you will need it to pass through customs at the port. If you wish to swim, bring your swimwear and towel as well as sun cream, a hat, and sunglasses if necessary.
  • Bring your camera with you; several interesting monuments and sculptures to photograph and take as souvenirs on the Rhodes. Keep your passport secure, and offer it to security personnel if required. In Rhodes, alcoholic beverages are half the price in Turkey, but be careful when making purchases because some items may not be available at duty-free shops. As a result of this, our Marmaris to Rhodes trip provides you with extra excitement for your already exciting Marmaris adventure.

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Why visit Rhodes?

There is a beautiful opportunity to visit the Greek Island of Rhodes during your holidays in Marmaris. The distance between the two resorts allows visitors to go from one island to another in Greece for one day and have a refreshing and enjoyable experience. Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese archipelago, combining everything you want for a perfect day. Rhodes impresses every visitor since their first encounter, with a rich history, lengthy tradition, and world-class beaches. The whole day excursion from Marmaris to Rhodes is ideal for people who want to discover a Greek Island and experience Greek hospitality.

Visa for Marmaris to Rhodes Excursion

If you have a valid Schengen visa, travelling to Rhodes Island straight from Marmaris is considerably more manageable. EU citizens do not need a visa to participate in our Rhodes Island trip. While on Rhodes Island, you do not have to pay any visa fees whatsoever. We must receive your passport information two days before the trip.

Free Shuttle bus to the Harbor

We will organize a shuttle bus service to pick you up from your hotel and drop you at the Marmaris Port at the start of your journey. We will also be picking you up from the Marmaris port at the end of your trip and transporting you back to your accommodation. There are no additional fees for this service; it is included in our trip cost.

Distance between Marmaris and Rhodes

Marmaris Rhodes Day Trips depart every day at 9 a.m. Our staff will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the port for your convenience. The island is only a short distance from the Turkish coast, so the boat journey lasts 45 minutes. You'll travel by a modern and spacious boat on this excursion. You may enjoy views of the Aegean Sea's blue colour while on this trip, as well as snap some excellent photographs.

Sightseeing in Rhodes

The duration of the day trip to Rhodes is approximately 11 hours. The day is free of schedule to discover the island based on your preferences once you arrive. You may visit some landmarks while taking advantage of the rest period to appreciate Rhodes' long history and numerous significant monuments and museums. Rhodes, also known as "Island of Knights," has a busy city centre within an enormous and vibrant castle. You can explore the castle's interior and see the magnificent medieval architecture, as well as experience the timeless atmosphere that transports you back in time. You may also visit some ancient Greek sites such As the Temple of Aphrodite outside the medieval old town. Finally, the butterfly valley is one of Greece's most beautiful areas for strolling, where thousands of colourful butterflies create an exquisite ambience not to be missed.


Like all Green Islands, Rhodes is known for its beautiful beaches where you may swim or unwind in a relaxing atmosphere. Rhodes has both crowded and cosmopolitan beaches and quiet and isolated ones that are perfect for people who enjoy diving, sailing, jet-skiing, snorkelling, swimming with dolphins, etc. Some of the closest are located near the city centre, so take advantage of this opportunity to look around and experience the bracing waters of the Aegean Sea. Beach bars with pool rentals are also accessible, so you may see your game and create beautiful memories.

Who can participate in Marmaris Rhodes Day Trips?

The whole day journey from Marmaris to Rhodes is perfect for anybody of any age. Given that you'll have a free day on the island, the trip may be ideal for solo travellers, couples, groups of friends, and families. The island has several activities and things to do, so you'll undoubtedly discover something that interests you and meets your expectations during your stay there.

  • The Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Joining this trip allows you to explore one of the most well-known Greek Islands while also capturing cherished memories. This day trip includes a two-way transportation service from and to your accommodation in Marmaris. Since you're going to be on a boat, it's best to have your own safety and comfort in mind. A comprehensive insurance is included as a precaution to ensure that you enjoy your trip to the fullest possible without any concerns. In addition, boat tickets from and back to Marmaris are included in the price.
  • Food, drinks, additional activities in Rhodes, and other personal expenditures are not included in the cost.


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